Need a simple & straightforward way to change from old to new router (and internet provider)

  • 30 October 2016
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The 'simple & easy way' highlighted in Sonos official support site is simply not working for me (and I can't really grasp how it could...)

While connected to the old router/wifi, I've changed the sonos app wifi to new connection and done same to my laptop (I seem to have to be on the old connection, otherwise the setup on sonos app just won't open setting etc). Then unplugged a device, connected the Ethernet cable to the new router and plugged in device. Quickly that device comes up on my sonos app on my laptop. That's where all job stops... In the support page it simply says unplug each device if they don't appear automatically... leave for 10 sec and plug in. However no job - beyond the one connected via Ethernet cable.

Hope someone is able to assist...

Best answer by ratty 30 October 2016, 17:04

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3 replies

Forget about the old router. Disconnect all the devices on your network, not just Sonos. Disable their WiFi if you can, else remove their power supply. You'll need to do this anyway for a new router, whether you have a Sonos or not.

Install the new router and note its WiFi credentials. Connect a device to the router which has a Sonos controller app. Wire a Sonos device to the router and power all the Sonos units up. Wait 2-3 minutes.

Go into the Sonos app, Settings/Advanced Settings/Wireless Setup, and enter the new router's WiFi details. You can then unwire the Sonos unit from the router.

Reconnect or power up all your other devices.
You're a star ratty. All up and running now, thx. Maybe sonos need to replace their official set up instructions with yours!?
Ha! They do update their FAQs from time to time. Maybe those instructions are a bit convoluted, since they're trying to deal with systems in WiFi mode ('Standard Setup') and in SonosNet mode ('BOOST Setup') in the one FAQ.

They also don't cover the point about reconnecting/rebooting everything on the network, which is absolutely vital after a router replacement.