Multiple Configuration for the same Play5

Actually, I’ve a configuration with 2 x Play5 & 1 x Sub for Room1. It works well 👍

I would now be able to use 1 of these Play5 in another configuration (for example outside). Idea is simple, disconnect (Power Off) of the Play5 … move it (outside for ex) - Power On - choose instead Room1, Outside on my Sonos Apps and be able to hear music through the Play5.

I didn’t really search … but do you see a way to do it ? Thanks 😊 


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This can be done, but not in a simple way. You’d have to split the Play 5 from the “room” in the Sonos app it is now in and so place it in a “room” of it’s own. This will take a couple of steps in the app, as will putting the speaker back in the original room. Adding to that you will also need to redo Trueplay, that will be lost with every change in the “room”.

Great Thanks 🙏 

I’ll try it … but, I agree 😊, there’re a lot of Steps to do for each simple use … 😕

Would be easier to buy a specific Speaker 😊


Regards from France


You may not realise it, but you are asking for the fundamental design of Sonos to be changed.  The structure is built on the concept of the ‘room’, which means a single speaker, or one of a specified set of combinations of speakers acting together as a unit, such as a stereo pair, or Soundbar + Sub + Surrounds.  It is a multiroom system - the idea is that if you want music in different places you have speakers there, not that you break apart your system’s structure and reconfigure it.

Maybe a Move or a Roam would be a good solution for you?

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I confess I’ve used a One for a while in a semi-mobile way. I named the room/it “Rover” and can then plug it into power in a few different locations and still know how to identify it.