Mixing WiFi with Hardwired

  • 4 December 2022
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I currently have several wired speakers (with wireless disabled) along with a Boost providing SonosNet to my remaining wireless speakers.

I’ve thought of changing from SonosNet to my own WiFi and have a few questions:

  1.  Will this create network storms having the hardwired and wireless (on my own WiFi instead of SonosNet) because they’re on the same network?  I’m assuming no, but wanted to make double sure.
  2. How much traffic goes through uncompressed audio to the speakers?  I’m wondering if having 5-10 speakers on my home WiFi will impact my throughput for other wireless devices (phones, laptops, etc.).


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5 replies

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Hardwiring a single Sonos speaker uses SonosNet, it it much more robust than a home Wi-Fi and suggest you keep using this mode but to benefit you need to enable Wi-Fi on the Sonos speakers.


 Broadcast storms are usually associated with prosumer network equipment which the owner has no idea how to configure or in the past the odd bit of hardware (looking at you Apple)

Yes, I’m familiar with SonosNet.  That’s what I’m using by a hardwired Boost.  All of my other hardwired devices have WiFi disabled and STP is properly configured.

SonosNet is not on my own WiFi network.  I’m more interested if having hardwired speakers and speakers using my own WiFi (both of which are on the same LAN) will create a network storm.  I’m also curious how much traffic goes through the WiFi system when uncompressed audio is enabled and with >5 speakers on WiFi.

I’m currently using UniFi equipment with a UDM-SE console, aggregation pro switch, USW-Ent-24-PoE, multiple US-8s, and 2 U6-Enterprise APs, 1 U6-Mesh AP, and 1 U6-IW AP (which does not have a hardwired device thankfully as I just a few days ago realized it does not support STP/RSTP).

My understanding is if the wireless speakers are on your own WiFi then STP is not an issue.  However, I wanted to see if anyone has mixed and matched hardwired with wireless on a home WiFi network instead of using SonosNet.

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Users do end up with a mix of wired / Wi-Fi without issue, it won’t create a broadcast storm in normal circumstances. It’s the managed switches that are normally the cause. If you use Google to search this forum for unifi / Ubiquiti you will get quite a few hits that will help with configuration. Generally the easiest way is to use SonosNet and not having to manage your home network. As for traffic have a look in the console once setup, personally never used Wi-Fi for Sonos only SonosNet.

One day Ubiquity will stop releasing hardware and fix their firmware so it does not feel like you are running Alpha software. 

I don’t feel like I’m running alpha firmware now.  It’s pretty stable, and I have STP configured correctly with SonosNet and multiple wired devices to not have an issue.  I’m guessing it won’t transfer over with using my own WiFi.

Now if I can figure out how much of a performance hit it will cost with my other devices.

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Hello,I also use sonos net with my playbar in ethenet and 2 play 1 in wifi via sonos net.I advise you to use only the sonos net it will be more stable than your home wifi because sonos net is only for sonos speakers.and in this case the wired devices must have the wifi activated, to send the signal to the other speakers.
here is a drawing that explains everything on the left sonos-net on the right home wifi
last advantage the modification of the sonos net channel via the application