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  • 13 January 2020
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I have a 6 zone system; 5 are in an open plan large space with an attached patio, in line of sight of the router and the boost that is wired to it. Of these, 3 are wired to the core network and therefore the boost, with Wifi disabled.

The 6th zone is in the bedroom, a play 1 stereo pair. It is separated from the open space by a brick wall, and is usually yellow and sometimes orange box in the Matrix. In this room, I have a Airport express unit that is ethernet wired back to the router, and it therefore provides a very strong WiFi signal in the bedroom. However, it is not convenient to run more wire to get the play 1 pair wire connected to the core network.

I do not want to disturb the set up in the open plan space for 5 zones; that is working flawlessly. The question is, can I make use of the strong WiFi signal in the bedroom for the 1 pair located there? Note that any additional bridge to give the 1 pair a better signal does not work; the bridge is ignored because the cost of the resultant two hops is more than that of the direct connection to the boost that is wired to the router.

If yes, what do I have to do to get the play 1 pair off Sonos net and on to the Bedroom AEX network that has its own SSID? Note also that the need to play this pair grouped with any of the other zones never arises.

Also, will this allow music to play on the 1 pair via things like Spotify Connect with boost powered off?


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28 replies

All good now. Music played with boost off, zone as secondary node. On powering Boost, it became root bridge, and zone went to tertiary via a green boxes to the bridge. 

@ratty : again, many thanks. I seem to be doing this every six months:-).

Is there any merit in powering what seems to be a defective bridge and sending a diagnostic to Sonos to confirm failure?

Is there any merit in powering what seems to be a defective bridge and sending a diagnostic to Sonos to confirm failure?

I would see if the dodgy Bridge comes to life if you either (a) factory reset it or (b) borrow the power supply from the ‘good’ Bridge. No need to wire it again. Just look in the matrix to see if it’s connecting to the Boost.

If nothing works then toss it into the recycling.

Factory reset did the trick. So it goes back into storage as a back up for the Boost/Bridge in use, because now it will serve as well as even the Boost for just the open line of sight wireless zones. 

Both were lying in a box since I got the Boost a few years ago. With this cool trick with one of them, for the first time ever the bedroom play 1 units are in solid green!

Its been a long winding thread; hopefully someone else will benefit in future.

PS: for completion - there is, as expected, zero effect on sound quality because of using wired as opposed to wireless, or via the change in signal strength. I had only the rare stuttering, I expect that will go away. My primary requirement was to be able play the bedroom zone as a stand alone one, that is now achieved.