Managing sonos on other network

  • 25 March 2021
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At home, I created multiple different networks :

  1. Admin ( : this network hosts routers and Home assitant architecture
  2. Guest Users (
  3. Home Users ( : this network hosts computers, mobile from my familly and also hosts every SONOS devices

All this networks are connecting to a central Firewall that manage rules and also routing between every LAN.


My needs is to authorize the management of SONOS devices from another LAN than only Home Users. Is there a way to force the detection of SONOS devices ?

1 reply

Sonos relies on SSDP for discovery, which is limited to the controller’s local subnet. To start with you’d therefore need to forward multicasts (or broadcasts) between subnets and handle the responses.

There are various old threads here. Here’s one: