Mac Mini multi channel output to Sonos ARC

  • 29 March 2021
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i just switched my audio setup for an AVR and separate Dali Oberon speakers to a full Sonos  system (arc, sub and one sl’s)

I have a 4K Samsung 65” TV (2020 model with eARC) and a Mac Mini M1 hooked to it as my media center. 

When I had my AVR I got the Mac mini to play full Dolby surround via the AVR (HDMI all the way) (5.1)


Now that I have switched to the sons setups I no longer get the option of multi channel output to the Sonia arc via the TV only 2 channel stereo. The MIDI setup no longer displays the option of multichannel output to the arc via the TV


I have the TV set to atmos comparability “on” and digital audio output format “auto”

Mac mini connected to hdmi 1, and Sonia arc connected to hdmi 2 / eARC

if I play content via a usb drive on the TV I get full surround and atmos (tried a sample file via a usb thumb drive directly to the tv)


anyone have a clue how I can get my Mac mini back and working as my media center with Sonia and be able to use full atmos multi channel?



4 replies

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Under the Digital Audio Output Format setting, is there a Dolby Digital option? With this setting, can you get 5.1 audio to play out of the Arc? Are you sure you can get Atmos audio from your Mac Mini?

Only “PCM, and Auto” on the format side, set to auto now, and it works with the usb thumb drive, but a pain compared to using the Mac, having to transfer back and forth etc. 


I have not tested Atmos from the Mini, but I have tested “regular” 5.1, and it worked flawlessly with the AVR (also used Atmos content then, but didn't have Atmos capable setup then so it was simply projected as 5.1) The issue is not getting more than 2 channel stereo to be “see” by the TV/ARC, if it at least could “see” 6 channels (5.1) that should be a minimum, and of course if I got 5.1.2 that would be great (part of the reason for my switch) 

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Is HDMI Input Audio Format set to Bitstream? If you set eARC to off does it make a difference?

Not able to set bitstream, eARC on/off doesn't seem to do much. And by turning eARC off I would lose ATMOS as well.