Low audio and feedback when playing Vinyl

  • 4 September 2021
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I have bought the Pro Ject T1 Phono SB (preamp) Turntable from Sonos, to play all my vinyl on my Sonos Play:1 stereo pair in my room. I have several other Sonos products around the house, including a Sonos Connect. I have connected the Turntable to the Connect via phono, i get some audio out of my Sonos Play: 1’s but lots of feedback, very low volume and a good 20 second pin drop delay and. My Sonos settings on the Connect are as follows:

  • Source Level 2 (tried them all volume increases as level increase but feedback also increases)
  • Line-Out Level Variable
  • No Volume Limit

Hope someone can help me out here :)


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2 replies

What is a “pin drop delay”?

Is the CONNECT’s Line-Out connected to anything?


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Be sure the switch on the turntable is set to LINE OUT not PHONO OUT. Also try changing the Audio Compression setting in the Sonos app.