Looking for integration ideas

  • 13 January 2017
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I'm considering purchasing the Sonos system and I'm looking for integration ideas with the NEst and Philips hue lights - maybe with smartthings?

I'm deaf so the music isn't really a concern of mine.

But I do have some ideas that I've always wanted to do. In Star Trek, when they go into battle, they flip on red alert and then there's red lights blinking. I'd love to do something like this for the fire alarm with the Nest protect. They already have an integration with the hue lights (a bit on the slow side though and sometimes you have to reconnect it). Would love if when the nest protect went off, the lights blinked red AND the sonos blared red alert from star trek.

Maybe also a proximity sensor - when specific people come home, different types of music plays so other people in the house know?

Are any of these possible?

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4 replies

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I can't think how you might leverage a Sonos system to do this, but Nest & Hue integrate nicely
see: https://nest.meethue.com/
I haven't seen any off the shelf solutions, but in theory a security system that offers facial recognition (They exist, but I don't know if they are ready to ship) could send a message to a Raspberry PI which could start up the SONOS system. This would require some programming on your part, but it is possible.
Maybe you can look het an Z-wave Vera domotica solutions, it has an HUE and SONOS app,

I use sonos as a speaker to alert different automation in the Smartthings hub. Works Okay. some issues but I do use the sonos speaker as my alarm if the security system is tripped.