Lock Sonos system after hours

  • 12 September 2018
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We have Sonos set up in a restaurant which closes at 21:00 and the agreement with the neighbours is that "noise" will be minimal after that time.

Is there some way to block access or music playing to the Sonos system between specific hours (say 21:00 to 08:00)?
Is there some way to at least make access to the system password-protected between specific hours?

Many thanks for your assistance, suggestions and ideas.

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5 replies

I don't know if there's a native feature like that but I'd would be great for me as well to prevent music from accidently being played in the kids room after they go to bed. It has happened on a couple of occations when the App UI's been a bit unresponsive.

Dependeing on your make of router there might be ways to block access based on MAC adress and time of day, so perhaps take a look at that.
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Probably easiest thing would be have your router shut off internet to sonos IP addresses at that time.

Do you think someone coming in middle of night and turning it on?

Or do you think people just leaving it on? If case of leaving it on you could set an alarm that plays and audio file at 0 volume starting at 21:00. That way at 21:00 it would shut off all music.
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Probably easiest thing would be have your router shut off internet to sonos IP addresses at that time.

Hi Derek Erb

Chris' solution appears to be the most logical. If his suggestion is a bit too techie :? here are two more options:

1. If Sonos is on WiFi (Standard mode) set it to go off during the hours specified
2. If Sonos is on Boost mode unplug the Boost module or Speaker at power and/or from Ethernet connected to your router (assuming you have easy access to one or both) *

* You'll have to remember to do so every evening.:(

I'm curious as to why music would play after the restaurant is closed? Only (trusted) employees should have access to your WiFi and if one leaves just change the password not the SSID. If you are providing free WiFi to customers they should only have access to a Guest network which Sonos should not be on.

I admit I had not thought of any of these ideas (IP address - based or MAC address - based time management on the router or playing a zero volume file at 21:00 which lasts an hour)...

The restaurant closes at 21:00. The staff, trusted and not 😉, have the Sonos app on their iPhones and the restaurant cashier systems are run off of iPhones and iPads all of which also have the Sonos app. We can't turn off the WiFi as it would stop the cashier apps from running properly...

The staff have the unwanted habit of playing music while they're closing down and cleaning up and Management has asked us what we can do about it on our end while they continue to do what they wish from the employee management side.

I can easily block access to the Sonos equipment at a specific time which meets the vast majority of their demands. However, just to make things more complicated, they did say, in their original demand, that they would like to be able to override the blocked system, for when Management themselves are cleaning up or want to listen to music at a lower or more controlled volume. I am not going to give them SysAdmin access to the network so we're still missing part of the functionality.

I guess what they are referring to falls more in line with some of the recent requests for Parental Controls of some sort...

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At least if you play a zero volume file at 21:00 it reminds them all its quiet time. I would think in the current case they forget sometimes they need to turn it down- but hearing the music cut off specifically at that time would remind them (oh yea we aren't supposed to play music any longer).

Another thing Sonos said they are adding is volume limiting by Sonos device. That would also be helpful in that during normal hours I'm sure you don't really crank it up. But that odd employee at night could get in the mood to crank the system and you get complaints. With Sonos adding volume limiting you will be able to set a max volume which could be helpful in your case as well.