Limit on Sonos Devices?

  • 28 March 2018
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Hi, I was wondering if Sonos has a limit on the number of devices you can use on one network?

Best answer by Airgetlam 28 March 2018, 22:58

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5 replies

I believe the number is 32.
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I believe the number is 32.

Why is it capped at 32?
I believe the number is 32.

Why is it capped at 32?

There has to be some kind of limit, and 32 controllers + 32 players = 64 total. That makes 64 place holders in an index (0-63) and 63 is the upper limit of a binary number (2^6, or 0x3F, or 111111 in binary), which would make it appear the devices and controllers are in some sort of index limited by a 2^6 sized array.

Sorry if that seems all gobbledygook, but in computer science terms, that is the reason.
What he said!

jgatie is much more technically minded than I am, but has a way of explaining that makes good sense to me.