“Let’s fix it” message changes depending on VLAN

  • 8 December 2023
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As I try to get my three wired Connect:Amp system configured for inter-vlan connectivity, I’ve noticed that depending on which vlan I’m connected to, the app displays one of 2 different “Let’s fix it” messages:

  1. Sonos and your mobile device must be on the same network. Let’s fix it
  2. Unable to connect to Sonos. Let’s fix it

Does anyone happen to know if there is a difference between the 2 messages as far as what the app thinks is going on? The two vlans are configured identically and each one will control Sonos if the connection is first established using the Sonos vlan and then swapping networks. It seems that some initial “handshake” is not properly configured still, but once open, it stays open…at least for some extended period of time.

Any help & insight appreciated!


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3 replies

To start with, Sonos doesn’t support working between subnets, of any flavour. 

General requirements

  • High speed wired internet connection such as cable, fiber, or DSL
  • WiFi router
  • Sonos app and all Sonos products are on the same subnet


As for the messages you’re seeing, the second is because the controller can’t detect the system at all. The first is possibly because the controller couldn’t see the system on the subnet but managed to pick up a BLE signal.

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You have to configure your vlans to pass all the required Sonos communications.

I’d get your Sonos working on a plain old fashioned LAN to start with, once you have that working try creating your vlans and moving your Sonos devices and controller(s) to them. You’ll need to see your firewall/router logs to see what communications are being blocked between the various vlans.

Sonos gear and the Controller(s) won’t work correctly unless allowed to communicate on all protocols and that can be a challenge. One I took one look at and said “Nope, not going there.” and left my Sonos on my main lan.

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Save yourself a bunch of time and grief: put everything on the same VLAN.