• 27 November 2023
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i have a room that is 30’ by 15’ with a TV at one end, playbar mounted directly under.

I then have 4 Sonos 1’s  - Two at the far (opposite) end and two mid way on either wall.


How do i setup the rooms, surrounds etc to get the best sound?

Currently i get a lot of latency and echo.




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2 replies

You are limited to a single pair of surrounds, and they must be bonded with the soundbar.  See link (and make sure you unpair them if they are set up as a stereo pair).

As to the other pair, they cannot be added as surrounds, and due to the different connection, they will lag behind for TV sources, causing the echo you are hearing.  Given that echo, it is not recommended to have grouped speakers in the same room as the soundbar and surrounds. 

Depending on cable box, TV, and other device latencies, you may be able to work out an acceptable latency that does not wreck voice sync. Go to Settings —> System —> [soundbar] —> TV Dialog sync to adjust the SONOS sync.