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  • 19 February 2022
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28 replies

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Hi @RNewf 

I am by no means an expert, but as I understand it this change would require a not-unsubstantial re-write of some base programming in the player firmware due to the reasons mentioned above (rather than, for example, the recent addition of the EQ button to the volume control in the app). I have marked this thread so your suggestion will be seen by the right people, but without significant interest from other users for this exact feature I would not expect to see a change any time soon, if at all.

However, please don’t be dissuaded from making more suggestions - we value all of your input! And, I could be wrong.

Thanks again!


Corey P, can you pass on my request?

John B., You misunderstand me. Of course, I always have to start the Line-in source manually! I know that Sonos can never start it. My point is that once the line-in source has started it should be treated and remembered like any other source - it is after all a streaming source to speakers in other rooms! As I’ve said several times, the line-in source behaves like other sources EXCEPT after an airplay source has finished and timed out! 

You’re right - this is of no consequence in room with the Five directly connected to HD Radio. It does matter in the other rooms, where for some others in the household, it would be beneficial to just hit the play button to stream the HD Radio there after pausing it on Five, and not have to open the app to redirect the stream from the Sonos Five room.

Corey P. did provide a solution by long pressing and grouping but that plays the stream in both rooms. I am looking for “a more ideal” solution, perhaps not doable but worth asking for!


Just saw your response Corey P. I was in the middle of typing the above.


Thanks, I understand and appreciate your answers!