Karaoke Setup - Need help please

  • 24 November 2021
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I'm trying to build a Karaoke system using the following components:

  • Samsung Q70R TV - HDMI (IN), Optical (OUT), HDMI (ARC), Screen Mirroring

  • Sonos Arc & surround setup - Sonos Arc is connected to the Samsung TV via HDMI ARC

  • Yamaha MG06X mixer with RCA Audio Output (Red and white cables) - connected to two professional quality wired microphones

Is there any way to get the Analog Audio (Red and White RCA cables) from the mixer into the Samsung Q70R or the Sonos Arc? The TV does not have any input other than HDMI, the traditional analog inputs are missing. This seems to be typical of the new Smart TVs. One option may be to use an Analog Audio (RCA) to HDMI converter. I do not know which one to use.

Second problem to solve is how to get and mix the karaoke music and lyrics - these are usually available via an app on the phone or TV

Help much appreciated. Looks like I am not thinking in the right direction here.

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5 replies

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Hi @Asterix_007,


I honestly don’t think that would work. TVs don’t typically have a way to send audio in unless accompanied by a video signal, such as HDMI. Likewise, there isn’t a direct connection you could do between the mixer and the Arc either since Arc only accepts HDMI ARC inputs, or use with the Optical adapter. 

The only way I could think to hook this stuff up would be adding a video source in the chain, either a PC or a dedicated Karaoke machine, hooking that up to the TV for display output and keeping the Arc connected to the TV. So the signal chain would look like this:

Samsung Q70R TV -HDMI- Sonos Arc

                                -HDMI- PC/Karaoke Machine -RCA- Yamaha MG06X Mixer -XLR- Microphone x2


I hope that helps.

Bear in mind, too, that audio from the mics is likely to be noticeably delayed: first by the TV, then by the Arc. It would make the singing experience even more painful ...

Is there any example of a system configuration that people have been able to make work?

If I remove the wireless sub and the wireless speakers, while playing karaoke; the Arc is connected directly to the TV with a HDMI cable, there should not be an excessive delay. Is that correct?




The delay through the Arc is about 30ms, whether or not it has any Sub/surrounds connected to it. 

There have been countless requests to use Sonos for DJing and public address type applications. Owing to the in-built delay -- required for network sync -- it’s generally unsuited for such purposes.

My application is just Karaoke at home to enjoy with friends and family, nothing professional. So a little delay may be okay. I’m thinking of eliminating video and using the following setup.

Please let me know if this will work or more importantly if this setup can damage my sonos components:


Two wired microphone XLR -- Yamaha Mixer MG06X

iphone running karaoke app - 3.5 mm audio input -- Yamaha Mixer MG06X


Yamaha Mixer MG06X RCA Out -- Gefen Analog to Digital Audio converter Optical Out ---- Sonos Arc


The Analog to Digital converter from Gefen seems to have decent specs and reviews:




I plan to experiment with and without the sub+surround speakers, to assess the impact of using WiFi.