is there any possibility to group/connect/sync a play 5 gen 1 with a sonos five?

  • 17 July 2021
  • 2 replies

I have a place with an open kitchen. In the main area i have 2 sonos five and a sonos move grouped on an S2 system. In the open kitchen i want to connect my old play 5 gen 1 to play synchronized with the rest. I mainly use streaming audio via airplay. 
Downgrading the rest to S1 seems like restricting the available options, S1 doesn’t find the new fives, nor the Move. So the play 5 is not in the same system and thus not groupable with the S2 system. Is there any possibility to get this play 5 gen 1 with the rest? If necessary i can connect them with an aux cable, but i dont know if the Five has an aux out or aux in …. 

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2 replies

There is no aux out on a Sonos Five, only the Sonos PLAY:5 Gen 1 has a headphone output. And any analog input, whether it is on an S1 or S2 device will have a minimum input delay of essentially 75 ms.

Long winded way of saying no, there is not a way to get those two devices to play in sync. 

Nevermind, just fixed it. 
resetted the Move, installed it with the play 5 in S1

grouped non compatible and compatible airplay  speakers and joined them all together in airplay 2