Is it possible to control a single Sonos speaker with a hardware remote, even if it's playing as part of a group?

  • 13 January 2023
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I’m the operations director of an office space, and we have multiple Sonos One speakers around the office. We often play music on a group of speakers, but we’d like to the people that sit in each individual office section the ability to change the volume on the speaker near them without affecting the other speakers. I know this could be done via the app, but I am looking for a hardware solution.


We have purchased and tested Ikea’s sonos remote, and while you do connect it to a single speaker, it still controls the volume of the whole group if that speaker is playing as part of a group.


If a hardware solution is not possible, we’d also be open to doing it via a custom solution if there is an API. Open to other suggestions as well. Thanks!

4 replies

I think I may have found a product that does what I’m asking. Sharing here for others. Still open to other thoughts and ideas!

Are the hardware controls on top of the speakers inaccessible?

Are the hardware controls on top of the speakers inaccessible?

Yes, unfortunately. They are mounted about 10ft up and require a ladder to access.

Full disclosure: I don’t use the Lutron controller.

I suspect that it will have the same issue as the Ikea controller, but it would pay to check this out. It depends where each Lutron controller connects. If it connects to an individual speaker, Volume control will be to the speaker. Transport controls (Play/Pause, <, >) will be for the Group.