How to turn OFF Sonos

  • 16 November 2017
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Currently have a Yamaha RX-V665 powering a 5-channel surround system in the MAIN room, and 3 pairs of speakers (with impedance-matching volume sliders) on the receiver's Zone2 speaker outputs. Plan to add a Sonos ZP80 as input source to the receiver.

So playing music from Sonos involves turning on the receiver and setting it to input Sonos (one button on programmable universal remote, no problem there,) then using the Sonos app (or CR100 controller) to select & play music. OK all's well.

It's when we go turn things OFF that I'm at a loss. If one simply turns off the main receiver (ALL OFF on the remote,) of course the sound stops, but the Sonos is still streaming music (using bandwidth) unless one explicitly remembers to stop it from the app/controller.

One thought I have is to use an automatic power switch to power ON the Sonos when the receiver is powered on, and power down when the receiver goes off. But the delay at startup may be an issue...

Another thought is to set up a Raspberry Pi with an IR sensor to receive a signal from the IR remote and send the appropriate command to the Sonos over the network, but that seems like an overly complex solution to what should be a simple problem...

I can;t be the first person to run into this issue. How do you experts out there address this integration? TIA for any other suggestions from those that have used/lived with this sort of setup.

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14 replies

I used to have a similarly setup in a previous home. I had the receiver play audio from the tv on one input, and from sonos on another. I don't ever having an issue with remembering to turn off sonos audio as well as turning off the receiver (or switching inputs). You don't even have to stop the music in the sonos app, as there is a pause button on the device itself.

However, I get it. You want an elegant solution that allows you to push one button on your remote when you want to shut it down, or do a common/repeatable action. That's pretty much what the logitec harmony remote is for. With that, you should be able to setup macros (or whatever they are called) that will setup one button that will turn off the receiver through IR and stop/pause your sonos zone through wifi. That's pretty much what you're thinking with Pi. It should be much easier to setup though cost a bit more.

A lot of users here have the Logitech remote (I don't) and love them. And it really goes beyond what you're looking for since you can also set it up to play your favorite station with a button and all that sort of stuff. I will also integrate with Alexa if you're interested in that.

Now that I think about it, I really need to add Logitec to my Christmas list.
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" I don't ever having an issue with remembering to turn off sonos audio as well as turning off the receiver"
Well, one wouldn't notice, really, unless the bandwidth usage became apparent...

So yeah, smarter universal remote is an option, though I hadn't planned to replace the current URC MX-900.
Didn't realize the Harmony can interface with Sonos (over IP). good to know... thanx.
To clarify, I didn't have issues remembering to turn off/pause Sonos. I don't recall ever realizing I left Sonos to play on after I shut down the receiver. But it bandwidth usage wasn't an issue, and I could be remembering incorrectly.
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Understood. I'm not so concerned about myself remembering to stop the zone player, but other people using the system may not be so aware of how it works (nor should they need to be, ideally.) Don't want them to get overages on their internet bill and whine at me for setting it up. Thinking the auto-power switch may be the easiest/safest route here...
The speakers are the part that uses bandwidth, not the controller app. It would be your internet bill.
Why can't folks be told to first stop the music via the button on the Sonos box? If that is in an inaccessible place, by the stop/pause button in the controller app?
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Um, no. it would be the ZP-80 (Connect) using bandwidth. No Sonos speakers involved here.

rephrasing the question: What's the suggested/recommended way to make sure a zoneplayer (zp80/90/100/120) is not accidentally left streaming while nobody's listening (downstream amp is turned off)?...
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yes, of course, 'folks' can be told. but folks are folks and will forget and/or not care...
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i suppose a reminder text (turn off sonos!) on/near the univesral remote's "all off" button might be helpful, but not FOOLproof... 🙂
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Seems like a sledgehammer solution to crack a nut problem. How much bandwidth are we talking about here compared to the data package for the house. You're streaming music files and internet radio? It can't be that much, surely?.

Anyway, use an IR controlled power switch - one of the green ones with an IR exender perhaps - and add the extra commands at the beginning and end of the power off macro to switch the IR power switch off (first step + a repeat) and then on (last step + a repeat). This will break the power going to the ZP80 then re-establish it so that the player wakes and reconnects to the network (this solves the start-up delay issue) but it doesn't continue playing music, which means there's no data allowance consumption.

The fly in the ointment would be if someone is messing around with their smart phone running the controller app and sets music playing even though the sound system is off. You won't fix that without either controlling the player's access to the network via the router or network switch, or by leaving the player off and just accepting that for this belt and braces solution that there's a price to pay in usability.

An alternative would be to treat the users as mature enough that they learn to use stuff properly. If they abuse it then the privilege is removed.
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Thanks to all for the input. Users are indeed mature. Elderly as a matter of fact. The kind that unplug their toaster when they leave the house for more than few days. Keep their cell phones OFF to save battery when not calling someone, etc.
I would hear no end of it if they inadvertently wasted power or Internet bits (negligible cost aside). I'll look into the IR-controlled power switch. Then again, maybe Sonos is not for them...
If they turn off cell phones, surely they will press the small button on the Sonos unit. If they don't I am sure they know enough about accountability, having lived a life.
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We never found a solution to the problem and it has happened on our two connects, but not often. We debated plugging the connects into the amp's switched outlets but that was not fun due to the boot wait time and the aggravation when wanting to use just headphones to listen.

Maybe an optional are you still listening beep every few (user settable) hours that you must acknowledge from a controller or the stream is paused?

Reading this I'm thinking of a Rube Goldberg, analog-out to LED blinkie thingie that would flicker to any playing audio as a project for the next grand kid visit.
Simple solution which can add even more value beyond this application is a Samsung SmartThings Hub (currently on sale for $50). Add the speakers to your account and you can setup triggers to “stop” the music. Not sure what the trigger is in your scenario but it works a dream... I use it to auto-stop when all occupants leave the house or if no motion detected for 15 minutes in any rooms.