How to get amp connect and play:1 to communicated

  • 11 September 2023
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I recently purchased a fancy new record player with the intent of playing my vinyl songs through RCA cable to my Connect:AMP gen1 on s1 (can’t upgrade to s2 software) and then actually played through my Play:1 gen1 pair (say they CAN be downgraded to s1 software), I’ve been trying to downgrade the Play:1’s for forever and always throw an errror code and say they can’t be downgraded, I NEED HELP!!!!


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12 replies

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Did you follow the instructions in this article?

Yeah, and several times over

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So what error code are you getting?

And this is on a successfully factory reset play:1, at the beginning of the downgrade process it tells me that the play:1 is eligible for downgrade, but will ALWAYS leave me here

Any further tips or advice? I’m also unfortunately a broke college kid so buying another component more than 200 is just not viable

Have you called Sonos Support directly to discuss it?

Yeah, called support for about 30 minutes and she took me through the steps to set up my play:1 speakers, completely disregarded my “main goal for the setup” that being have my record player audio transmitted through the connect and successfully played through my play:1 pair. At the end of the conversation I said something along the lines of: now that my play:1 speakers are set up, how do I get them to communicate with my connect and she goes: they’re not compatible, wasting 30 minutes for nothing.

At this point I’m not sure if I can downgrade my play:1 speakers at all, and in that case, if anyone has a connect or connect amp (gen2!!!) that they’d like to trade for a gen1 connect amp I’d be happy to get in contact with you!

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Hi @Raccoon83706 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Your Play:1 speakers are compatible with both S1 and S2 software. Right now, however, there is an issue that we are aware of that prevents certain models from downgrading from S2 to S1. We are investigating, but have no time scale to share. 

Apologies for any confusion caused - I’ll look into your existing case and see if I can get some feedback to the agent you spoke to.

I’ll update this thread once the issue has been resolved.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the response Corry, do you think you could give me a super super rough estimate on when the issue might get resolved?

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Hi @Raccoon83706 

Not really - down that path leads disappointment if the date passes without results.

So, if I had the information, I could not give it to you, but I honestly don’t have it anyway.

If it helps, I believe this issue is considered high-priority.

That does help! I really appreciate your professionalism and guidance Corry