How to Auto switch between Music/radio sound and TV sound in a Arc-ONE SL-SUB, Connect Amp, and ONE configuration?

  • 16 February 2021
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Previously I had the following Sonos Setup:

A Sonos One in the kitchen and a old Sonos Connet Amp S2.

The Amp was connected via to the digital input to the digital output from my tv and the Amp's analog audio input 
was connected to my radio and the left and rigt speaker terminals was connected to my Beolab 8000 speakers.

Due to the Amp's prioritization between input on digital and analog the amp would automatically switched between 
radio sound and TV sound, i.e. TV when the TV was turned on on and back again to radio when the TV was turned on
and vice versa when the TV was ternede on again.

Now I also have a Sonos Arc and 2 Sonos ONE SL's and a Sonos SUB all configured in the TV room.

The Arc is connected to the TV's HDMI arc output, and TV sound is working fine.

My Sonos Connect Amp S2 is now only connected to my Beo lab 8000 speakers.

When I play music/radio via my Sonos app, I select output to go to my Sonos One in the kitchen and my Sonos Connect Amp S2 in 
my living room (which in fact also is my TV room).

I can also select output to go out in the TV room, i.e. via Arc, One SL's and Sub, so I get music all over the place- wich is really fine.

When I turn on my TV, the TV room, i.e. Arc, One SL's and Sub is disconnected from the music/radio sound and is now playing 
TV sound from the TV's HDMI arc output, wich is just what I want.

I now turn off the power to the Beo lab 8000 speakers, so I only have TV sound in my room.

Now comes my wish:

When I turn off the TV, I would like the TV room i.e. Arc, One SL's and Sub to be reinstated and resume playing radio/music together with my
Connect Amp S2 and Sonos One in the kitchen, (I know I have to turn on  power to the speakers)

In this way my setup would work like my old setup.

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2 replies

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Hi @Andy Pandy and welcome to the Sonos Community!

Just to confirm, you’re looking for the Arc to automatically start playing the TV when it detects a signal, and then automatically join back with the group consisting of the One and Connect:Amp for music playback when the TV stops playing?

While making the Arc start to play the TV audio automatically is easily done via the TV Autoplay option, I don’t believe there is a way to automatically “re-group" the system when TV audio is stopped, at least not via the Sonos app. This may be possible via other home automation services, and it’s possible that some other users on the community have had experience with a similar setup to this - they may be able to offer some further insight.

Yes it’s the “re-group”/reinstate option I’m looking for.

It would be nice, if the Arc software could detect the TV is turned off , and then resume receiving the music/radio.

The Sonos app should keep the TV-room as a receiver of music/radio, and not remove the TV-room from the music/radio provider in the Sonos app