Help with sonos connect

  • 14 December 2016
  • 9 replies

Hi guys

I just got a sonos connect. I want to hook it to a sansui au 555a as per link. Anyone know what output I use from the amplifier. Do I use pre output or main input?

Any help will be great

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9 replies

Hard to really read what's on the back of that amp, but I think I can see AUX. Using phono plugs, connect the output of the Connect to the AUX of the amp and set the amp on AUX.
I think the OP was talking about an output from the amp to the CONNECT.

The TAPE REC out should do, in which case I would plug the CONNECT's outputs into TAPE PLAY. That amp has a tape monitor loop.

My goodness, I haven't seen a DIN socket in years....
Thanks for that. Sorry I wasn't specific enough. I have attached to aux for input. I have turntables and want to run a line in to sonos connect from my sansui. Please see a better picture below
Thanks ratty!!!! Legend. What does the din actually do?
You tell me. It looks like it's also TAPE IN/OUT.

For playing your turntable through the amp and through Sonos speakers at the same time, select the PHONO input and use the tape monitor loop. Also set the CONNECT to play its own Line-In, grouped with the other speakers obviously. That way the signal will loop out and back through the CONNECT, delaying it by the same amount as the rest of the Sonos speakers.
One final thing ratty.... so I use AUX as my input on the amp. And then run my output from the TAPE PLAY?
And what is tape monitor loop? Sorry for all the questions
so I use AUX as my input on the amp. And then run my output from the TAPE PLAY?
No, no.

Use the TAPE PLAY input on the amp. CONNECT output -> TAPE PLAY.

And use the TAPE REC output on the amp. TAPE REC -> CONNECT input.

And what is tape monitor loop? Sorry for all the questions

From the very bumph you linked above: "tape monitor circuit which permits monitoring a tape as it is recorded".

Whichever input is chosen on the amp's SELECTOR switch is sent out the TAPE REC. If you flip the TAPE MONITOR switch the amp's speakers will play whatever is coming back in on the TAPE PLAY input.
ratty, many thanks for confirming the Tape in/out/monitor.

I made a 5 sonos setup for a friend today including a Connect hooked to an old Perreaux analog system, similar to the Sansui described in the OP.

I was hesitant to hook it up today and wanted to do some research before I connected it somewhere else then the Aux input. I knew it was doable but the last time I played with a sound system like this was about 25-30 years ago. Time flies...

My friend also wants to be able to use his turntable and play it simultaneously on his old amp and broadcast to the sonos setup.

That will be awesome. Thanks again!