HDMI ARC over Ethernet (CAT6) to Sonos AMP

  • 5 September 2019
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This is my setup:
1 - TVs on wall in room.
2 - Ceiling Speakers in the same room
3 - Ceiling speakers are connected to Sonos AMP
4 - Sonos AMP is in an electrical cupboard away from the room (around 20m)
5 - CAT6 cables running from the electrical cupboard to connection points behind the TV

I would like to play sound from the TV to the ceiling speakers where, the volume is controlled using the standard TV Remote.

Does anyone have experience successfully using HDMI ARC over Ethernet to achieve this?

Something like:
TV HDMI-ARC Port -> HDMI Cable -> HDMI:CAT 6 Convertor -> CAT 6 Cable -> CAT6:HDMI Convertor ->HDMI Cable ->Sonos AMP.

What are the HDMI:CAT 6 convertors called? and what are the best brands to go for?

Thanks in advance for any help with this.


6 replies

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I'd be surprised if something like that exists. You could run the optical audio over cat 5/6 though:
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A quick web search shows I am wrong:
Thanks controlav - much appreciated.

Using your information, I've found this item. I've asked them if it will do what I need.

I have implemented the exact same setup at my house a couple weeks ago. There are devices out that that are supposed to make this setup possible.

I purchased this from Amazon.

Sound comes through the speakers and I can control with the TV remote leveraging the Cat 6 cable from the TV to the Sonos Amp in a cabinet. The only challenge I am running into right now is that the sound drops occasionally. I am working through replacing cables (ethernet & hdmi) and may swap out the AV Access device to attempt to resolve.

If you have success with your device let me know too please.
Thanks MattF. I've purchased a couple of the AVAccess devices and will let you know.

What distance are you doing this over?
The run I did is about 60-70 feet.