Grouping two SONOS AMPS (Gen 3), 1 for a Non-Sonos Speaker Pair, 1 for a passive Non-Sonos Sub

  • 2 October 2023
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I have two (2) SONOS AMPS (Gen 3) for my outdoor patio sound system.  AMP 1 powers a pair of outdoor NON SONOS speakers.  I want to add the second AMP 2 as a mono amp to power the subwoofer with all 250 Watts.  If I group both AMPS for the same location, can the frequencies be divided to each AMP with the Sonos Application?  I want to send the highs 151-20,000hz to AMP 1 and the lows below 150hz to AMP 2 ? 

The Sub Out on the AMPs do not provide power and since I have two SONOS AMPS I would rather not buy another Mono Amp just for the sub.  Also, I cannot find a true outdoor active powered Sub that would let me use the Sub Out from the AMPs.  When I say true outdoor, I mean that I can leave inside the landscape in the weather (IP 66 rated or IP 67 rated).

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4 replies

No there isn’t any way to tell a Sonos amp to only play certain frequencies.  You can adjust treble and bass, but that’s not giving you the sort of control you’re looking for.  You could look at getting passive crossovers possibly, but that’s going to cut into your savings by not using a separate mono amp.  Technically, I don’t think you’d need a crossover for the sub, since that’s only going to play the low frequencies.  You’d only need it for the speakers connected to your ‘main’ amp.


There is no SONOS product known as “AMP Gen 3”. There is the current “AMP” an older “CONNECT:AMP”, and much older “ZP100” and “”ZP120”. Only the later version of CONNECT:AMP and the current AMP are compatible with S2.

In my opinion this is not a very practical scheme and there could be some sync issues it you are very sensitive to this sort of thing, but here is something to try: On the AMP with passive speakers connected, insert an open circuit RCA plug or unterninated cable. (Don’t use a shorting plug) This will allow you to adjust the crossover frequency. On the second AMP connect your subwoofer. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use the crossover and highs will continue through to the subwoofer.

There are some relatively inexpensive amplifiers that you could use for driving your subwoofer. This amplifier does not need to be exotic.

I may just go for the inexpensive mono amp to power the sub and use the sub out from the one Sonos Amp.  I can then put the other Sonos Amp to good use somewhere else in the house.  Thanks!

Oh, and the GEN 3 reference was for the Sonos Sub I was just reading up on, I just had it stuck in my head and mixed it up with the AMP.  Thanks!