Grouping across S1 and S2?

I have set up a S1 and S2 network at home. I had a question so I called Sonos phone Tech support and they solved it. During the call I asked a second question and they answered. I hung up and tried their solution to Q2. However, I can’t get it to work and don’t have 30-60 min to wait on hold to talk to live person again. Community please help.  

Here is what I was told by Sonos Tech Phone Rep.  I CAN attached my Gen 2 Play 5 to both my S1 and S2 networks. Then in my S1 network I can GROUP my Play5 (S1 and S2) with my legacy Connect (S1).  Now close S1 and open S2. Now when I stream something via S2 to the Play5 the old Connect will get the same stream.  This sounds great and solves a set up problems. But this was just a discussion with Sonos Tech. We did not discuss how to pair one item to two networks.  

After the call, I was confident I would just use “add product” button in S1 to add my Play5 gen 2 back to the old S1 network. Play5 is already on S2 network. PROBLEM: Can’t get S1 to recognize Play5.

How do I get one piece of Sonos equipment registered on two separate home networks?  Please help! Is this actually possible? Is there a better solution? Did Sonos Tech Phone Rep miss lead me on this? 




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I am pretty sure you cannot have Sonos speakers in both s1 and s2 and will not be able to group across the s1 and s2.  Your speakers are in one or the other.


You can have both controllers (s1 and s2 apps) on your phone/tablet/pc/mac though.

@bockersjv is correct on all points, and I am absolutely certain of that.  A device is in S1 or S2, but cannot be in both. You cannot group S1 speakers with S2 speakers.

Thank you bockersjv and John B for the QUICK!! responses. However, I am disappointed, but not totally surprised, to get your responses. The biggest single disappointment is the source of the initial information. The Sonos phone tech rep told me I could put my Play5 on both S1 and S2 and then group. That was just wrong then. Sonos is really slipping. This is not a good thing to have. How can we operate when Sonos’ tech support is not knowledgeable enough on the basic S1-S2 interaction topic.  Sure it’s early days for S2 (June 2020?), but this feels like a very basic item. Curious if the community has similar thoughts or if I am way off here. Thanks.