Google nest wifi and Sonos

  • 19 September 2023
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Hi all,

Since a couple a weeks ago i have constant problems with sonos speakers gets status not connected randomly.  I have Google Nest Wifi mesh with one router and one AP this setup have worked perfectly before so not really sure whats causes this.

My Sonos setup:

2 playbars with play 1 as sorround and  sub 

2 play one 

1 play 3

2 standalone play 1

2 roam 

I have tried to connected the playbars with ethernet just to see if Sonosnet would solve the problem but that didnt help 😪still the same problem.

so I just want to check if any one else have this problems,  and if its a Google Nest Wifi problem or a sonos problem ?





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7 replies

Have you checked that your mobile is actually connected to the Nest WiFi? 


Ok , I'm talking about that the speakers loose the connection overall, and u need to reset them and add them again in the sonos "home".

So even if you wire one speaker to the primary Google unit the system loses its connection entirely? Music stops playing? And you can’t restart it by pressing the play/pause button on speakers?


Correct ,The two playbars is connected to a unmanaged switch on the lan side of the Google Nest Wifi router. And A soft restart or a power off/on doesn't help.


Probably found the problem,   I replaced the backhaul switch (a cheap d-link GO switch) to a new NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Smart Managed Plus Switch (GS308E). And now the problem is gone 🤗

Ah. It’s the simple things. I’ve had excellent service from Netgear switches for years.

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The Dlink Go isn’t on this list so Sonos might want to look into that.