Getting Sonos Connect to work in another building

  • 9 December 2020
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I have three Sonos Connect boxes. I used to have two of them in the house and one in the garage. My wifi signal wouldn’t reach the garage well enough so I used a Netgear AC750 range extender and it worked flawlessly. I didn’t do anything special in configuring the extender except giving it an SSID other than the default. I have a WD MyCloudEX2Ultra NAS connected to the router. The NAS has my music library.

Now we’ve moved, and the garage is much farther from the house (about 200 feet). The range extender doesn’t cut it, so I bought an Alfa WiFi CampPro 2. It has an outdoor antenna connected via USB to a proprietary wireless router. This works really well for allowing me access to the NAS and the internet, but I can’t get the Sonos Connect to, well, connect. I’ve spoken to Tech Support a couple of times with no luck. The second person told me Connect doesn’t work with extenders, but I know from experience it does. One difference is that the CampPro is configured as an Access Point rather than an extender (and it appears that can’t be changed).

On the Sonos Connect, I’ve done factory resets and tried to configure it from scratch, both as a new system and as part of an existing system. Neither works. FWIW, it’s running S2.

I am not a technical wizard and don’t have great knowledge about wireless communications. I’m hoping someone out there can help me get this working. Would a Sonos BOOST device help me in this situation? I’d rather not sink more money into this if I don’t have to.

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Hi @Dia Nogu.

Welcome to the Sonos community and thanks for bringing this to our attention. I totally understand the frustrations of getting Sonos to work on multiple routers. Allow me to help you out by sharing some information that discusses about Sonos working on multiple routers so we can better understand how the system works and how Sonos works and what needs to be done for Sonos to work.

 I would suggest reaching out to the secondary router and extenders so that they can be configured in bridge mode or access point mode or which option best fits your preference (the main objective is to disable the other routers from generating their own IP-address).

  • Have each access point/router/extender have its own unique Wi-Fi name so you and your mobile controller do not get confused about what and where to connect to access your Sonos system.
  • Disable Wifi Capabilities of the Main router that provides connection directly to your ISP or internet provider.
  • Disable the DHCP or IP-address generation of the access point/router/extender and only allow the main router to generate the IP-addresses to avoid IP-address mismatch or IP-address duplicates.
  • Wire a Sonos device to one of the routers/access points to get them to stay on a single network (having each access point have their own unique WiFi names).

 Let me share with you a topic in this community that discusses multiple routers. You can share and ask questions or comments on that topic if something is not clear. 

I hope this helps.

Please let me know if you have further questions or concerns. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.