Four houses, mixed system of S1 and expensive new stuff (S2). Used to be seamless, now S1 forgets everything all the time, will not play. If you are able to get it to work, it asks if you would like to do a compatibility check. Nuts.

  • 15 January 2021
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title says it all.  The spouse prefers Google home tiny tinny garbage speaker over SONOS, and I too am getting used to the sound, at least it has sound.

3 replies

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Submit a diagnostic and post the number here for support to look at.

If you provide more information maybe some of us users can come up with solutions too.

I feel your spousal pain too, wife here is fed up with Sonos’ controller options and wants her beloved CR-100 back or even another similar option that works as simply as it did.

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Thanks, I just need to sort things out.  We had a couple of those CR-100.  They did actually work!


In addition to the diagnostic submission and contact/chat with Sonos Support Staff, If you can perhaps provide more detail about your network setup, such as:

  • If you are using a centrally based WiFi Router, or a Wifi mesh system?
  • Any other Wifi Access points/Repeaters/Power-line Adapters?
  • If you are running your devices on SonosNet, or WiFi?
  • Which SonosNet/WiFi channels & channel-widths are currently in use?
  • How many Sonos products altogether and which ones are using S1/S2 households - also do you know if the different Sonos Households are using different Household ID’s?

… then as Stanley_4 suggests, there maybe other users here, who are able to suggest some things for you to try. It might just need a simple WiFi or SonosNet channel change, or a switching between the different types of connection etc.