First-time set-up Sonos system with Cisco WLC 2504 environment

  • 26 August 2019
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There is a huge barrier, which we cannot avoid when we trying to set up ours new Sonos system with network environment Cisco. For the first time set up you need to receive Broadcast Handshake from Sonos speaker on your mobile device with Sonos app. But the WLC blocks broadcast from the wired side to the wireless device, and "Broadcast Forwarding: Enabled" in "Controller->General" doesn't help. When we are making first-time configuration of Sonos trough the different Wi-Fi (not Cisco WLC) and create new Sonos system it works properly independently which of the wifi networks uses.

There are next components in our system:

  1. Sonos C100 (Connect:AMP) (34:7e:5c:22:25:b0);
  2. Cisco WLC AIR-CT2504-K9 (Software release:;
  3. Cisco AP AIR-AP1815I-R-K9 (;
  4. Cisco Switch WS-C3750-48P (SW Version 12.2(46)SE);
  5. Cisco Router 1841 (C1841-ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.4(15)T9;
  6. iPhone SE as a Sonos controller (Software Version 12.4) (A0:D7:95:3B:93:86).
If there is any way to receive first-time initiation through the multicast instead broadcast?

4 replies

Searching the community, I found this link. Perhaps this will solve your issue:
Ken, thank you for your reply. We found this conversation and did all recommendation before opened this topic, but it doesn't help with first-time configuration (((
I have also found this post on Reddit from a user called “The Judge” .. see if his suggested settings (near bottom of page) may help.

If not, then maybe speak to Sonos Customer Care to see if they can resolve the matter.
Hi there!!!

We successfully resolve this issue.

The root cause of problem in our case was in the relations between two interfaces:
  1. management (Static); (This interface is for access to web interface to manage the WLC)
  2. ap_join (Dynamic) (Dynamic AP Management). (This interface is for the AP joining)
If you don't have connectivity between this two interfaces "broadcast forwarding" options doesn't work properly and as consequence you don't see broadcast packets from Sonos.

And we mention another thing, if there are two Sonos systems in the LAN laptop Sonos controller don't know which system choose. After pressing "Connect to existing system" button in the Sonos setup procedure we see additional requirement: "On your nearest Sonos speaker, press and release the button as shown below" because the Controller don't know which system you want connect.

Thank you for your support!