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  • 6 February 2018
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Under a standard setup, it states that you can not use a "standard" setup if your Network uses wireless range extenders. Does it see multiple APs with the same network name as “range extenders”?

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3 replies

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No. The issue with most range extenders is that they create a second SSID from the primary network. Sonos can be configured with one SSID only, so a network that uses range extenders can connect to the extender(s) OR the main network, but not both dependent on location. Newer products like Orbi, Eero, Google WiFi, etc. will work though since the remote units transmit the same SSID as the main router.

An enterprise-grade network with multiple access points but one consistent SSID across them would be fine. Just make sure that whatever SSID your Sonos speakers will be connecting to is in the same subnet across all access points, and that your controller device(s) are in that same subnet, or you have taken other steps to allow the controllers to receive the traffic the Sonos speakers send out across subnets (i.e. a multicast proxy or something of the sort).
Mike thanks for your reply.
If in a school, 3 teaches need to use it as independent wireless speaker they will need to connect to 3 different SSID? And how the sonos speakers find the correct SSID if the area has more than 5 SSID?