Does SONOSAmp Ethernet hookup convert entire system to Sonos net?

  • 26 November 2023
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Recently purchased Amp to replace old stereo receiver and add floor speakers into the Sonos system. Used the ethernet hookup that had connected to receiver. No other Sonos products are connected via ethernet. Also have Home theatre with Arc, 2-Ones, 2-Sub gen3, a dining room with Ones in stereo connection, and Master bedroom with Fives in stereo connection, and Move in kitchen. In connecting the Amp to ethernet am I in effect removing entire Sonos system from wifi and creating a separate Sonos net network? We have excellent wifi coverage. Is it best to remove Amp from the ethernet connection. 
This statement in Sonos support seems to suggest I am bypassing my home wifi network:

  • “Hardwiring any Sonos product with a built-in Ethernet port will switch the entire Sonos system into a wired setup, in which Sonos creates a dedicated wireless network separate from your home WiFi. In a wired setup, Sonos products without a built-in Ethernet port will continue using home WiFi.”

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2 replies

Yes, ‘usually’ it will become the (SonosNet) root-bridge, if it’s your only Sonos device wired to the LAN and your other Sonos devices will switchover to SonosNet - you can see if they have, by going to ‘Settings/System/About My System’ in the Sonos App and if each device shows WM: 0 next to it, then it’s using SonosNet. Note that both ‘Portable’ and ‘Era’ Sonos products do not use SonosNet anyway. To stop this happening, if you do not want your system running on SonosNet, but want to leave the Amp wired, simply switch off its WiFi adapters. See this link to do that:

Your devices should go onto revert back to the WiFi signal stored in your Sonos App network settings, but if they do not switch, then just power-cycle any that are being stubborn..

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Thank you. That has answered my question and explained how the Sonos products were appearing on my router app.