Do I need Trueplay in mh situation?

  • 19 May 2024
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Hi all,

In my living room :

  •  TV with ARC is 5 meters from sofa
  • ERA100 are both aligned with the sofa (see pictures)


Do I need Trueplay for the best experience ?

Aren’t ERA100 to close to the sofa?

is there a specific setup for the TV Sound group (ARC + 2 ERA100) to realize with the app? (Audio surround, audio vertical…)

Many thanks to all for your experience and knowledged feedbacks 😉


1 reply

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Don’t know the status of Trueplay with the new v80 app but if it works and you have a compatible Apple device it is worth trying. Once run it is easy to flip on and off.

I’d say the Eras aren’t ideally located but they are better than mine so you may also be satisfied with them there.