dj decks connected to sonos

  • 21 June 2023
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So I wanted to play my decks but coming through the Sonos throughout my house and as I’m sure everyone’s aware it’s been said it’s impossible, however I’ve found a way!!! 

so connecting the decks to the Sonos Ray which has a optical input 

so you’ll need a rca cable splitter to optical  ( this connects the decks to the Sonos ray ) 


now with this set up there is a delay from the decks headphones and the Sonos playing .

so to sort this you’ll need to purchase a lip sync corrector 

And a aux to rca cable x 2 of these 

When that’s connected I found my deck headphones where super quite so I bought an amp to make them louder .


so from the decks to the Sonos ray is rca to optical lead

and to sort the delay is a aux to rca cable plugging into a lip sync corrector which then plugged into a headphone amplifier via rca to aux lead then plug your headphones into that 

 Links below

there is a 75ms delay from when you use the decks to the sound being produced , I personally can’t even tell. 

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1 reply

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Hello @Nath93, welcome to Sonos Community!

Glad to hear that it works for you. Other users might feel the delay is big enough to make the setup non-functional for DJ purposes.

As this is not the intended use for the Sonos system, we cannot really provide support if there are any issues with this setup

I appreciate the time you took to write down this thread and I hope other customers interested to use their Sonos this way, will find this helpful.