Dealing with multiple Sonos, Google Nest and Spotify

  • 8 August 2021
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When you're house is setup as follow:

- multiple rooms

- per room a Sonos speaker

- per room a Google Nest

- and each Nest is connected to an accompanied Sonos speaker

- per sleeping room, thus a person, a Spotify account 


Both Google Nest and Sonos have a hard time dealing correctly with Spotify. 


The Sonos app can only deal with only one Spotify account. But this will result into only playing one session at a time. 


You can connect each Nest to a personal Spotify account, that's fine. But when the Nest is connecting to a Sonos speaker, Nest will complain that the Nest is connected to another account than the Sonos App.


Preferred solutions:

1. In the Sonos App, allow a speaker to connect to a "general" Spotify account and a personal Spotify account. 


2. Allow the Nest to play as a session as "Started from Spotify" 


3. Allow the Nest to play a session as "Started from Google Nest"


Or (better yet) ... Did anyone succeed to manage a similar problem? If so, please help. 



Best answer by Ken_Griffiths 8 August 2021, 12:59

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2 replies

I’m not sure if this will work for you, as I have no way I can test this myself, but perhaps see this link about switching Google profiles in your Google Home …

I know this type of feature works for the Amazon Alexa voice assistant and Sonos products, but I’m not too sure if Google ever implemented this feature with 3rd-party speakers, like Sonos.

Thank you @Ken_Griffiths I will try the tip this weekend.