Constant Connection Issues

  • 26 October 2018
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My Sonos System comprises of:

7 x Play 1 (Connected via WIFI)
1 x Play 5 (Connected via WIFI)
1 x Play 3 (Connected via WIFI)
1 x Playbar (Connected via Ethernet to managed Cisco Switch)
1 x Sub (Connected via WIFI)


Virgin Media is ISP, router is set in Modem Mode
1 x Netgear Orbi RBR50 Router (In router mode)
2 x Orbi Satellites as AP's

Orbi router is internet link to LAN Cisco Managed switch.

Diagnostics code is 801541678

Music cuts out every minute or so.

Internet 2.4ghz is on channel 6, tried sonosnet on 1,6,11 all with same result.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Rik.

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33 replies

Rik Parr,

After the move, has the Network Matrix improved?
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Try moving the AP to 4 or 5 feet away, too close isn't good.
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OK, update, moved the P5 and was connected via Sonosnet with no CAT5. Played Spotify all Saturday evening with no issues, great stuff. I've come to use the system in the TV Room only tonight (Using Radio by Tunein) and had a couple of drops within first few minutes. Submitted diagnostics 790103991. To be honest there is an AP in the TV room and it's within 3ft of the system in here. The room is small and a 'blackhole' for internet, hence the AP, not sure I can move the AP away without suffering issues for other devices, however, but the Sub in the TV room is connected via CAT5. All devices are still WM:0. Thanks, Rik.
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That was my next move 🙂 I can move it, however I will have to remove the ethernet as there is no socket in other locations and don't want to have a long cable running around the room. I will give feedback. Thanks for your time.
The Lounge is struggling. There is a noise source nearby. Note that it is supporting more wireless nodes than the other wired units. As an experiment, move the Lounge unit away from the router. You will likely observe an improvement in its noise and interference stats -- and an overall improvement in system stability.
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Thanks Buzz. Th only device that is close to the router/AP's is the lounge P5. What I don't understand is that this is connected via ethernet direct to the router. Later last night I switched to just the TV Room and Kitchen units and they played pretty much fine for several hours with only 2 drop outs in that time. I'll test the lounge unit again today and when it drops out will submit diagnostics and post the reference. There are no DECT devices in the house and the microwave was not in use.
Rik Parr,

Note that the Network Matrix is a static display. If conditions are changing, one must refresh the display in order to view the current results. In your case this is unfortunate because users do not have access to a history of events. I suggest that you submit a diagnostic within 15 minuets of an "event", note the confirmation number, and post it here or contact Support. Fine diagnostic detail scrolls away after about 20 minutes. Sonos Staff can review a log of summaries and breakout specific data points.

Looking at your matrix, your system is struggling somewhat with interference. Amber cells in the left column should be watched. Noise floors below -100 are excellent. In the low -80's you'll often have some trouble if the unit is wireless or supporting a wireless unit. Above -80, wireless operation is usually not practical. (On this scale, -80 implies more noise than -100.) ODFM is a collection of strategies used to deal with interference. The relatively high numbers in the amber cells indicate that these units are forced to use a fairly aggressive strategy -- they are struggling with something.

If there are other devices, such as an access point or a wireless router near the amber units, separate them by a couple feet or more. Microwave ovens, when operating, can cause trouble. Some wireless phone extensions are bad neighbors. The DECT phones don't usually cause trouble. Some of the older 2.4 GHz phone extenders cause lots of trouble as do 2.4GHz baby monitors. 2.4GHz wireless security cameras are another device to keep track of.
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3rd time lucky.....
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Sorry left MAC address on, these should be ok...
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Hi, apologies for late reply, been away from the house for a week. Ok, update, all devices still on WM:0, however still having cut outs on a regular basis, goes off for few seconds, then jitters back in and settles. On Sonosnet CH11 and Router on CH6. Buzz, I have done the support review and it comes back with the attached signal strengths. No red but plenty amber, any ideas please? Thanks in advance. Rik
Rik Parr,

If you discover that one of the players seems stuck in WM:1, it is probably in a difficult to reach by SonosNet location. You can investigate the benefit of enlisting a BOOST, by temporarily moving one of the wireless players to a location about midway between a good coverage area and the problem child. This could be a little weird if the moved unit is part of a stereo pair. I recommend temporarily breaking down the stereo pair for the test, but this is not required. If the system suddenly becomes stable during this test, adding a BOOST (or another player) at that temporary location will obviously be helpful.

Once you have all of the units on WM:0 (except the WM:2 surrounds) you can move that temporary unit back to its regular position or keep it at the temporary location. Now go to http://[IP address of a player]:1400/support/review. Click on "Network Matrix" at the bottom. This is a layout of network connections and you can easily view basic details, such as wireless signal strength (to and from) and the steady state wireless environment around each unit. Cells with a red background are drawing your attention to an issue. Note that this is a static view, if you make a change you must refresh the page in order to view the results. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to view the log of transient events, such as grief caused by a neighbor's rogue wireless settings, because this information has recently been removed from the user view. SONOS support has access to all of the gory details in Diagnostic reports that you submit. You can post a screen capture of the network matrix for our comment. Obfuscate the MAC addresses if you like.
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Many thanks for all your time today, it's appreciated. Will let you all know how it goes. Rik
As I mentioned earlier, the distances are such that SonosNet might struggle unless a relay node is deployed (e.g. a Boost, connected to power only) or one of the more remote players is wired to a nearby Orbi satellite. See how it works out.
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Ok, so I had unplugged the ethernet to the sub, i've reconnected it and they are all back to WM:0 and 'Reset' is visible! 🙂
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Alas, back to mixed mode again and no option to 'reset' wireless :?
Ok, so changed pw back and all devices are now showing and are WM: 0 !!
Excellent. And can you remove ('Reset') the WiFi credentials?
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Ok, so changed pw back and all devices are now showing and are WM: 0 !!
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Plugged in Sub and rebooted devices but no change. The Sub isn't even showing though which is strange?
That distance is quite significant, which is possibly why they want to connect to the Orbi instead. Without some additional Sonos nodes to act as wireless relays -- for example a Boost placed mid-way -- SonosNet may be unable to connect.

Although not ideal, wiring one of the more distant Sonos units to an Orbi satellite may be successful.
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Ah, ok. Distance from current showing devices is prob approx 20 meters then. Will connect the Sub, am I ok to change the WiFi pw back yet or leave as is?
I meant distances from the Sonos units which are showing. A temporary Ethernet to the Sub might be worth a try. The players do seem to be very stubborn.
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Distances range between 2-20 meters from router/AP's - given them all a reboot and given it 10 mins but still not showing.I can get a ethernet to the Sub if that's any help?
Are the missing WM:1 units a long way away, i.e. out of range? If not, give them a kick by power cycling them again.

By the way, is the Orbi 2.4GHz using a 20MHz channel width or 40MHz? The latter could cause grief, and Netgear kit often defaults to it.
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Ok changed the WiFi password and now only 3 devices (2 wired) are showing as shown in the attached pic. It's been around 10-15 minutes since I made the changes.
'OTP' in About My Sonos System? Ignore it, it has no relevance.

Okay, we need to dislodge the WM:1 units from the WiFi. A factory reset on those units might do so. However a subtler approach would be to temporarily change the SSID (or key) on your Orbi setup. You'll obviously need to tweak the phone too for the time being in order to re-connect with the Sonos. In the absence of an accessible WiFi the WM:1 units should seek out a SonosNet connection.