Connecting Sonos SL

  • 20 May 2024
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I installed a new modem. To enable connection I ‘factory reset’ each speaker. My Apple Music is recognising every speaker as being connected to the new modem and I can play music via Apple Music App. The Sonos App is not recognising the speakers. I have tried many many times and differing means but to no avail. I have deleted the Sonos App and reinstalled. But the Sonos App (new version) is simply not recognising my system. Any hints would be helpful please.

2 replies

Thank you Stanley - glad to get your response. U fortunately I methodically did the factory reset on each speaker. What do you recommend I do next?

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Don’t do the factory reset, it almost always makes a mess and rarely fixes anything.

If you hadn’t done it all you’d need to do is set your new router to use the old SSID and password.

After the Factory Reset wiped all your settings, services and lists about all you can do is go through the “new system setup” steps again.