connecting project T1 turntable to sonos

  • 27 March 2021
  • 1 reply

I have a project T1 phono SB turntable i want to connect it to a sonos connect..but then link it via wifi to the sonos sytem where it will link wirelessly to another sonos connect that is connected to my main amplifier in another room..

can this be done? will it work? or do i need to connect via ethernet cable?

1 reply

It should work fine wirelessly, all things being equal, assuming sensible wireless conditions.

The Line-In stream -- in uncompressed form and with minimum delay -- can ask a fair bit of the wireless connection, but there are ways of dealing with it if the stream occasionally drops out. You’d have the option of increasing the delay (buffer size) and, in extremis, resorting to compression.

Note that the Line-In on the Connect accepts a line-level connection, so you’d need to turn on the phono preamp in your turntable.