Connecting Pro-Ject Juke Box 2 (debut carbon esprit sonos edition) turntable to Sonos

  • 12 November 2019
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I have just bought this and before I open the box I want to know if it has a built-in amp?  Depending on the answer how can I connect it directly to my PlayBar?  I also own a Play 5 but I want to maintain that on a different floor.  What additional accessories do I need?  I would like to avoid where possible buying additional hardware.


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4 replies

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Hi willhuddleston

Your mention of Pro-Ject Juke Box 2 (debut carbon esprit sonos edition) does not appear in the Sonos list of available Turntables. However, all Sonos TT shown on the Sonos site (and ordered through Sonos) do have a built-in pre-amp. So based upon the info you have provided I can’t give you a definite answer regarding your purchase.

Did not your retailer verify as to whether or not the TT you purchased has a built-in pre-amp? If you ask the question of your retailer and they provide bad information I would hope in Denmark consumer protection laws are good enough to warrant a return without liability.

Note: Pro-Ject is not a Sonos owned brand. Pro-Ject markets their TT to other retailers as well as manufacturing TT for Sonos per their specs.

Assuming your TT has a built-in Pre-amp see options below.  In all scenarios set the line-in to auto.

Playbar Connection

  1. Requires Sonos Port and designate the Playbar as the Auto-Play speaker/room.

Play 5 Connection

  1. Direct connection requires RCA to 3.5mm cable. RCA from TT to 3.5mm input of Play 5.
  2. Sonos Port and designate the Play 5 as the Auto-Play speaker/room and Group to Playbar
  3. Sonos Port and designate the Playbar as the Auto-Play speaker/room and Group to Play 5

I hope this helps.  Cheers!

The Juke Box S2 has a built-in preamp.

You cannot connect directly to the Playbar.  You could get a analog to optical ADC, but that would take up the one optical in on the Playbar and you could not connect a TV without a switch of some sort.  Your best bet is to get one of the discontinued Connects, or the new port.  That will give you the analog input needed.  

Thanks and would a cheaper alternative be to connect my pre-amp turntable directly to my Play 5 and keep my tv connected to my PlayBar.  Instead I purchase a Play 1 for the other room/floor and then designate/group them all together, allowing me to play my vinyl through all Sonos speakers or do I still need a connect/port?

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Yes, The least expensive is to connect directly to the Play 5 and group all other speakers to it. No Port (or Connect) required.


Edit: The Port gives you the ability to connect (indirectly) to whichever speaker you like without involving the others via grouping. In this scenario you would not designate an autoplay speaker/room but select the room of choice each time. Just another option to consider.