Connecting controller to multi-router environment

  • 25 February 2017
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I am having some problems that I think have been discussed but I cannot find a solution to my problem.

I am running three routers in my setup. (DHCP server) (DHCP disabled) (DHCP disabled) the three are on different channels (1,6,11) and all three share the same SSID and password. This works fine for my internet setup and I have a seamless connection throughout my house and for all general purposes this is great and I will keep this setup.

I have 5 play:1, 1 GEN1 Play5; Player; ConnectAMP; and a 1st gen bridge (not sure what this is called anymore). The bridge is connected to directly.

When I am close to the router (and using it) and I connect my controller (App) I see my Sonos network and can use all of my gear. If I am closer to one of the other routers I lose my Sonos network and cannot see anything. If I move closer to the router and pick it up again my network is visible again.

I believe that I have a good setup (other than the obvious). Any ideas about how I can have the Sonos network visible from all routers not just the one my bridge is plugged into?

Any Ideas? Questions?

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4 replies

How are the routers interconnected? It sounds like broadcast traffic could be being blocked.

Incidentally, are routers 2 and 3 wired via their LAN connection? You appear to have a single subnet served by the one DHCP server, but I just wanted to check.
Everything is wireless. 2&3 are in "bridge" mode. The connectivity is solid. The issue seems to be related to using one SSID for all routers (works fine for internet) and having the Sonos Bridge only connected to R1. When the app connects to R1 all is good. When the app is connected to R2 or R3 it cant see the Sonos "network" I need all routers to acknowledge the Sonos bridge connected to R1
Having a single SSID throughout is not the issue. Many do this.

How exactly are routers 2 & 3 connected back to router 1? A long run of Ethernet cable? Or did you mean they're linked wirelessly, as extenders? What are the make/model of each router?
The routers are connected via cat 6 from R1 to R2 and R1 to R3.

I have found the problem and it looks fixed. When I checked the status under my system I saw WM1 which means that I was in wireless mode not in a Sonosnet. My bridge looked like it was being recognized but wasn't. I reset all my gear back to factory and reconnected one at a time starting with the bridge. It all works correctly from all devices from anywhere that I have wifi connections in my network.

Thanks for helping me think this through