Connecting an electric guitar

  • 29 June 2020
  • 4 replies

Can I connect the output of either a guitar Amp effect loop or the output of a guitar pedal to the Sonos Port (or some other Sonos product) and hear my guitar on the Sonos speakers? Are there other pieces of equipment that could do this?

4 replies

SONOS is not designed to be used as a PA system. Unless you are accustomed to playing in large halls this will drive you crazy because there is a slight delay between Line-In and output from a speaker. PORT would be appropriate for input to the SONOS system. Use PORT, FIVE, or  AMP’s Line-In from your guitar amp’s line level output.

Thanks buzz. That totally makes sense to me. Do you happen to know what an Amp's line level output range specifications are? Like some generic spec that the Amp manufacturers must follow. Do you also know what the PORT line in range specifications are? I'm just geeking out...

With respect to Line-In and Line-Out there is no “must follow” in this industry. In fact if you go to the AMP spec sheet this detail is missing. Anyway, 1.0V would be a good working level for Line-In and Line-Out.

Thanks again Buzz.