Connecting 2 x devices via inline to Play 5/Sonos Five

  • 13 May 2020
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Hi All,


I’m looking to add a turntable and CD player to my Sonos system to enable me to play some physical content that’s collecting dust.


My idea is to connect a turntable with built in pre amp direct to a Play 5/Sonos Five using the line in connection.

My question is can I connect 2 x devices (turntable & CD player) directly to the speaker via a line in ‘y’ splitter (see below) 

If so would the Play 5 recognise which input was playing and switch automatically or would I need a different cable that did the switching?


Any comments/advice would be very welcome.




9 replies

There’s a reason that Y cable is called a “splitter”: it isn’t a combiner. Trying to use it in reverse can degrade the sound and, in the worst case, damage the source equipment.

You need a switch, so as to be able to select either input. Search “audio switch”. You should be able to find a small push-button box. 

Thanks Ratty for the quick reply and advice.


Just done a quick search and would the below device work out ok?

Thanks again👍


Are the connections from your turntable and CD player also 3.5mm jack?  If so that will be fine, but are you sure they aren’t RCA stereo (‘red and white’) cables?

Indeed. I would go for an RCA switch box, which is likely to be a bit better designed, then use an RCA-to-3.5mm cable to go to the Play:5.

That example above is a “speaker selector”, which suggests there could be less shielding and hence the possibility of hum.

No turntable and cd purchased yet so happy to go with the best design.


I would imagine any decent new products would offer RCA connections so the RCA switch box sounds like the best option with the RCA to 3.5 to connect the Switch box to the Play 5.

Thanks again👍



Does this look better?


Yes, but I would query why you are buying a CD player. Sonos is really not designed for physical media. 

Rip your CDs. Get a NAS drive. Don't mess about with a switch.

Not ruled that option either, just interested in what options there are for playing physical media these days and to be honest I kinda miss it.


That's fair enough. You are not alone. Your call!