Connect:Amp with 4 passive+active sub-Surround

  • 11 October 2021
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Dear All


I’m new to this sound engineering or speaker specifications.  But im enjoying this Sonos products Connect: Amp with pair of B&W M1 passive speakers and a Yamaha active subwoofer connected. I also have a Play1 device.


I have been thinking of adding another pair of passive speakers to the Connect Amp.  I have read in forums and document that a 8Ohm speaker will be supporting for this setup.  But i wanted to know what difference will it make if I add another pair in the rear of my living room.


Will I get a surround experience or just the replica of the FL&FR speakers.   Please help me understand and provide your suggestions.  I’m expecting a surround speaker environment.  Is it achievable.  

Thank you.




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3 replies

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Wiring another set of speaker to the Connect:Amp will only reproduce the front L/R speakers. No surround in the sense of home theater.  

Click the link to learn how to use a  Connect:Amp to power speakers as surrounds in a home theater.

Note: Home Theater speakers are the Arc and Beam-Gen 2 as well as the discontinued Beam-Gen 1, Playbar and Playbase

I wanted to add that besides the fact that the Connect:amp only has left and right speaker outputs, it also only has left/right inputs.  Even if it did have additional speaker outputs, enough to power 4 speakers with different connections, it has no surround audio channels to send to it.  Indeed the Connect:amp was not designed for use with TV and makes no attempt to sync audio with the video on your TV.

You can connect a Sonos Amp to your TV.  It does have the input for 5.1 surround audio, but it can only play front left and right channels. It can connect wirelessly to other sonos devices to handle the surround channels...either another Sonos Amp or a pair of Sonos speakers (excluding Move and Roam)

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Just to rub @melvimbe…l’ll add that in addition to the Move and Roam he mentioned that cannot be used as surrounds add to that list the Play 5- Gen1. That’s if you could find one.😂