Compression setting on component - not global

  • 16 October 2016
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I would like to raise a discussion about the advanced setting "Audio Compression", which is a global setting.
Meaning, that if you change this setting, it is applied to all your line-in components.
I have a connect-component that has a Vinyl-player attached to it. I have a play 5 that has a computer attached as line-in.
I'm having enormous problems with my vinyl player/Connect component. I've had several calls with sonos and it does not get solved.

For now, the only solution is to go "compressed", but I have a problem with that.
This implies that if I look at a movie on my pc, and use the line-in on the Play 5, I'm out of sync with sound / picture.
So I'll have to re-change the setting to "automatic" and when playing vinyl again to "compressed"... and so on and so on

Sonos is way to expensive for this. It's already sad that I have the problem with the connect component, it's not user friendly to keep me switching my settings

So, I really need a non-global setting for the compression.
* Compressed for Connect-component
* Automatic for play-5-component
* and NOT global setting for all line-in components as it is now

Kind regards

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3 replies

Uncompressed Line-In is the most demanding of streams, in terms of the bandwidth required and the shallowness of the buffering (to keep the delay low). Sonos Support had access to your diagnostics so would have been best placed to comment on wireless signal strength and interference.

One trick that's often overlooked is to select 'Airplay Device' as the Line-In source type. You can rename it afterwards. This applies a slightly larger buffer to that specific source, 500ms instead of 70ms, when Uncompressed. Sometimes that's sufficient to ride out network perturbations.

How is your Sonos configured: WiFi mode (aka Standard Setup) or SonosNet mode (aka BOOST Setup)?

Well, I will certainly try out Airplay device & try it out on both vinyl (sound only) connect-component and on the play-5 (pc) components for picture & sound.
I'm in a boost setup, tried with sonos support on different settings.

But, the reply is appreciated and I will try the airplay device-suggestion, but that's not the main reason of the topic. The global setting of compression is.

Considering price, sales pitches, reputation ... I expect a user friendly setting from sonos.
And in my opinion the setting of compressed / automatic / uncompressed should be made on component level. Sonos support agrees with this and recommended me that I put it here ...

Hello Ratty,

your suggestion about airplay device instead of audio component seems to work (I've played several vinyls with it), for which I thank you.

Now let's hope for some reaction on the global / component setting

kind regards