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  • 5 March 2023
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I’m moving into a new house in a few months and am finally at a point where I can finish my main room video / audio setup. Here is what I have currently:

A 4K compatible TV

an all-in-one region free Blu-ray / DVD / HDCD player, hooked up to the TV Via HDMI

A second generation play 5 next to the tv

A beam paired with the television. 

Streaming video and the blu ray player play through the tv and the beam (play 5 muted)

music - both streaming and the cd player- plays through the paired play:5 and the beam. 

when we movie the plan is this:

Buy the mini sub

buy two one SLs as rear channel surrounds 

buy a turntable and amp it through the play:5

play music in surround (5+1s + beam + sub), playable from streaming, the turntable, and CD

Play TV in surround (same setup as above, minus the play5). 

so, the question: is there anything I am missing here or anything that won’t work in the new setup? It is possible the 5 and beam together is overkill, but I already have the 5 and listen to more music than TV honestly. Any suggestions how to do it better?


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Remember grouping another speaker to a soundbar/surround set up will result in a 75ms delay to that speaker. So a Sonos soundbar would be good. The Beam and One’s will form the surround set up, grouping the Play 5 would introduce the delay mentioned above - and in my personal opinion will only subtract from the surround experience.

Yes that’s right. I was thinking this after I asked the question … what I can do I suppose is treat the Play 5 as a dedicated turntable speaker which will allow it to stream to other rooms as well. I suppose I’m mostly in an enviable position to have a somewhat “extra” Play 5 which can just act as the record player speaker. 

I also spent some time poking around the forums and it does seem like my DSD capable TV will be capable of playing some version of a SACD mix on the surround as well, via the Blu Ray player. 

once upon a time I did all this through an standalone amp, wired speakers, and a Sonos amp that let me streak to play ones in other rooms. I doubt I will ever have a setup that good again, but I think my days of receivers and wires are in the past. 

anyway thanks for the feedback.