Combined kitchen/living room plan

  • 29 September 2018
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28 replies

Thanks you very much for the clarity!
Hi all - this set up has been working well for music though one issue we’re having is that there is choppy audio coming from the ceiling speakers that are connected to the Connect:amp, which is connected wirelessly to the network and grouped with the Beam. This only happens when watching TV and the audio from the Beam itself seems to be fine. Also, there are no issues with the system when streaming music. Anyone know of any remedies for this problem?
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Hi maki

You have several options...

Since you say that when playing music everything is fine when using the ceiling speakers; then I'd say there is no need to check the wiring, however you might do so just to be sure.

Try these steps one at a time
1. Wire the Beam to your router if possible
2. Wire the Connect: Amp to the router if possible
3. Wire both the Beam and Connect:Amp to the router if possible

If none of the above resolve your issue then I suggest you submit a diagnostic to Sonos and post the Reference ID in this forum.