Can the Sonos Amp HDMI be used as an audio input out of an AVR?

  • 21 September 2022
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I am trying to get an audio input signal into my system for watching TV on our patio outside of our MBR (Master Bedroom).  On this MBR patio, I already have a pair of outdoor speakers fed by a Connect:Amp labeled “Patio” that I would like the ability to listen to while watching the MBR’s Television. 

Currently we watch the MBR TV through a typical 5.1 home theatre style AVR system, an older Onkyo HT-RC160 and do not use the TV’s audio at all.  The TV (Sony XBR-85X900H) is only used for Video which is fed from the AVR through an HDMI.  

When outside on the patio with the doors shut during hot or cold weather we have to crank up the (non Sonos) AVR which is a little annoying to others in the house.  I would really like to use the current Patio outdoor speakers which are right there already installed.

The Onkyo AVR has HDMI inputs from multiple sources, a Dish Network STB, a PC, a PS4 and an older Connect labeled “MBR”

In my home, I have several of the older style Sonos’ Connect:Amps, Connects (non-amp), a Playbar and one of the current Amp products.

In my MBR near the Onkyo AVR, I also have another Connect:Amp labeled “Pool” and a Connect (non-amp) labeled “MBR” that is used as an audio input into my Onkyo AVR.

In another room I have one of the current gen Amps labeled “Kabinet” that I could swap out with the Connect:Amp “Pool” if needed.

I hope this makes sense as I finally get to my question, which is basically how can I get a signal into my system that can be paired with the “Patio” Connect:Amp?

  • If I do swap the amps (Pool and Kabinet) and place the newer Amp “Kabinet” near the MBR AVR, can I use the signal out of the AVR, then into an HDMI splitter then one HDMI out to the TV’s video input and the other HDMI out into the “Kabinet”s HDMI input?  (Does the Sonos Amp use the HDMI as a Line-In??)
  • Or should I see if I can get the Sony XBR-85X900H TV to output an audio signal out of it’s Headphone jack, then use a 3.5 mm to RCA cable as a Line In on any one of the Sonos products?
  • Or am I overlooking some other way of getting the TV’s signal input into my system?

Even though I currently do have a Sonos Playbar in another part of the house and love it, I do not want to introduce one (an Arc) into my MBR system as it will not match the sound of my current 5.1 system with a 12” sub, tower fronts, dedicated center and ceiling mounted surrounds.

Thank you for any help!


4 replies

Does the AVR have anything like a Tape Out connection?

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The Amp needs an HDMI-ARC signal (Audio Return Channel). Normally an HT-receiver can only receive the audio on HDMI-ARC, not send it out. So unless your Onkyo has any special capabilities in my opionion this is not going to work.

Tape out from the Onkyo or headphone out from the TV could work, but any Sonos devoice receiving an analoque signal will add a delay of 75ms. On some TV’s the headphone signal is turned off when there's an working HDMI-ARC connection.

I am not sure I have correctly understood your set op and what you are trying to achieve, but I am not sure you need to direct the sound into your Sonos system.

Are you not basically seeking to direct the audio output from two sources (AvR and Sonos Amp) through one pair of speakers? If so then it feels like you need some form of switch. Maybe this article will set you off in the right direction

While it may not seem very elegant in this super modern world, I think a speaker selector switch that transfers the outdoor speakers between CONNECT:AMP and the ONKYO is your most straight forward approach and this avoids any time alignment spats. While listening outside you’ll probably want to set the ONKYO for simple stereo, not surround.