Can't connect my Sonos devices to a new wifi network

  • 10 February 2024
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Hi - I’ve just changed broadband provider, and I can’t connect my Sonos devices to the new network.  I have a Sonos 2 app, but the ‘network’ options are greyed out.  When I try to connect I get messages saying I need to ensure my ‘mobile device is connected to the internet and on the same WiFi as Sonos’.  But I can’t get Sonos on to the new Wifi.  Any ideas please?  Thanks


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5 replies

Temporarily wire one of your Sonos devices to the new router. Wait five minutes for the rest to change over to SonosNet, then change the WiFi data in the controller. Finally, you can remove the Ethernet cable. 

Should all be in the new router - installation instructions FAQ.

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  1. change the wifi credentials of the new system to what they were on the old;     Or
  2. temporarily run an Ethernet cable from router to a Sonos speaker. 
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Bruce still types faster than me 😜

I’d say it’s a gift, but it really isn’t ;)

Thanks both - I’ll give this a go