Can Sonos work with a verizon mobile hotspot jetpack?

  • 25 September 2012
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I use a verizon mobile hotspot to provide wireless internet in my office, for my ipad, macbook, etc. There is no router, so will I be able to hook up the speakers. I'd like to know before committing to a purchase. I have 2 small rooms I need speakers for.

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11 replies

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Hi Sarah, A Sonos setup requires a Router that includes Ethernet ports. The Verizon Mobile hotspot Jetpack does not have Ethernet ports and only works over WiFi. Since there is no Ethernet port to plug a Sonos component into, you would not be able to connect to Sonos from your computer, iPad, etc.
does this mean that it will not play music from devices connected to the hotspot jetpack? or that you cannot setup via computer connected to internet via a hotspot?
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It may be possible using Internet Connection Sharing and the Ethernet port on your computer, though this has not been tested and is not a supported setup by Sonos.
Sonos needs to develop wireless equipment instead of ethernet cables. More and more folks are going wireless. Losing customers.
Sonos needs to develop wireless equipment instead of ethernet cables. More and more folks are going wireless. Losing customers.
Fully agree! This would also make it possible to bring your Play 3/5 to an country house, office. I would love that.
Sonos needs to develop wireless equipment instead of ethernet cables. More and more folks are going wireless. Losing customers.
Completely agree with this.  I would love to use Sonos in my Holiday home where I use a 4G MiFi for my Internet access
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I tried configuring the Sonos system to work with the Jetpack. That's a big fat no go. BUT Verizon does make a LTE Broadband Router that has hard-wired Ethernet connections that would allow you to connect a bridge/connect/amp to. Jetpack is cool, but doesn't work for Sonos
Sonos really needs to step up it's game in the wireless community and considering that this is it's market...wireless speakers...I am surprised at it's limitations. I got the playbar as my sole sound device for travel on the road in an RV. I have to use a jetpack for my wifi and now I am learning that I can't listen to my music wirelessly...I can't watch netflex through my computer without a special usb to optical adaptor which forces a wired connection. It just is not as functional for my needs as I had hoped and now I'm invested and have to jump through hoops to make things work...non-wirelessly I might add. They are really good at selling what works but not good at educating or warning about the many surprise. The sound is great...flexibility...none!!
I just purchased two Play:1 units. When I realized that I didn't have a router in my new shop I started getting nervous, as I only have a mobile WiFi hotspot. From what Iv'e seen and heard until now, it appeared to me that it is not possible to stream music from any Sonos via a hotspot; it will only work with a connection to a router.
However, I just managed to successfully pair my Play1 speakers with my Verizon JetPack! Music is streaming beautifully! It's that simple, just set up your Sonos device for the first time and select the hotspot as your wifi. It works just fine!
I have confirmed with Sonos tech support that it is indeed a 50/50 chance success rate, which for some odd reason their engineers can't seem to figure out why this is the case, and it is for this reason they tell customers how you gotta have a connection to the router.
In the event that this does not work for you, your main issue might be caused by the device itself - if it was already used on a different network - in this case you would have to factory reset the device. After, it will work fine. To do so, see here:
I've hooked up three different Jetpack routers to my Sonos system. They've all worked for years. There is a USB tether mode on the Jetpack that I set up on my PC to get limited Wifi. I used the Ethernet port on my PC to plugin the connect amp and Play 1's. Once they're recognized I switched the tether to the WiFi and updated them. IT was not easy but it worked. I updated the verizon account and the Jetpack was firmware was updated. I don't think the tethering works the same now. Because I haven't got it to work again. I'm going to try and reset the device as Mr JoeSmart did.

I’m retiring the wifi system in my house and moving to a Jetpack.  Couldn’t get my Play:1 speakers to transfer over (as you all know) and I called Sonos helpline and received no help on the issue (other than “we don’t support hotspots”.

Not taking "no" for an answer, I did a bit of online research and the Play:1 speakers are now working on the Jetpack.  The method I used is to do a factory reset on the speakers and remove and reinstall the Sonos app from the controlling smartphone.  Then I installed them as if they were new speakers on a new network.