can i use sonos without the internet?

  • 27 November 2013
  • 4 replies

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4 replies

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Hello Jason,

It is possible to use Sonos without the Internet once it has been setup. However, an Internet connection is required during initial setup for registration and any necessary updates. Once the system has been registered and updated, they will still be able to function on your local network without an Internet connection. Please note that only local music sources (Music Library, wireless streaming from iOS / Android devices, Line-In) will be available.
Dear sonos Please give us a way to use our devices without internet. There must be a way to bring sonos to a party and plug in a new external device and have it run or Sonos will eventually fail.
Hi, I'm looking at buying a Sonos speaker but am finding it hard to understand if it is possible to use it without an internet connection. I've read that it is possible but "they will still be able to function on your local network without an Internet connection". What is a local network? I can do all the updates and initial setup at my parents place on their wifi but at my home there is no internet connection. Cheers,
What is a local network?
Conventionally, it's the private ("LAN") side of a domestic router. In your case you'd need to get such a router, and simply leave its internet ("WAN") port empty.

A wireless router would be needed to manage the local network addresses and provide a WiFi connection to allow you to control the Sonos.