Can I use a passive non-sonos soundbar and speakers with Amp?

  • 19 June 2023
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i am setting up a patio. My amp is inside the house in a media closet. I understand that if I want to have a sonos soundbar pair with an amp it would need to be in the same general area so this is not possible for me. What I do have is the ability to run any lines I want from the TV to my media closet. I want to use a sonos amp because the rest of the house is Sonos. So I am having trouble figuring out how to have a sound bar, rear speakers and sub connected to the amp and my TV. 


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4 replies

No, there’s no Sonos device, including the Amp, that puts out a signal that another company’s sound bar can use. The best you can get from the Amp’s output is stereo, with an interpolated center channel, something that would likely confuse other sound bars. It’s an unfortunate fact that when it comes to the Home Theater room, mix and match really isn’t possible. 

So I can add a center channel (non sonos product) and hook the TV to the Amp to get surround sound? If I run an HDMI ARC from TV to Amp and then run center, sub, left & right rear out from Amp would that work?

No. If you’re using an Amp, there is no output for a center channel.

The output of a Sonos Amp is two speaker posts, for a stereo pair of speakers. As I said before, there is no way to mix and match home theater products. Sonos can not be used with other company’s products. 

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You can add a passive Speakerbar (looks like a Soundbar) to the Left and Right speaker output on the Amp and ideally also add a line level RCA2RCA cable to your Patio and add in an active sub in that area too. The system will be Stereo rather than 5.1 but will deliver decent sound.

Plenty of Loudspeaker manufacturers have passive ‘Speakerbars’ which can be stereo through to 7.1 and Atmos, often with the option to ‘configure’ the Speakerbar as Stereo, 3.1 etc depending on your amplification options.