Can I set up a separate Sonos network for Airbnb guests?

  • 13 January 2023
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I rent out part of my house on Airbnb. My internet connection is via a single broadband modem connected to three wifi access points. To provide guests with internet access, one of the access point devices hosts two wifi networks - my one and a separate one for the guests. I give the guests the credentials only for the guest wifi.

Now I’m trying to give them access to a single Sonos One, so that they can control that One but not the other devices and I can control the other devices but not that One.

I’ve tried everything I can think of without success. Most recently I:

  • Created a new Sonos account
  • Reset all speakers
  • With a new phone, joined the guest wifi network
  • Installed the Soinos app on the new phone and logged in with the new account
  • Added the Sonos One to the new system.

However, the One can still be played to from my old phone connected to the main wifi rather than the guest wifi.


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3 replies

Guest WiFi networks and extenders and are not supported by Sonos. See the system requirements here:

You are probably best to just install a second router (double NAT) and have things running entirely on a separate subnet.

Thank you for clarifying that my current network arrangement will not work.

Can you describe more fully the scheme you have in mind? In this case the modem router is provided by the broadband company.

Just setup a cheap (purchased) wireless router / travel router off your current (wired network) see this link:

It will just keep your network safe and allow the guest to have their own devices and Sonos speakers on a separate subnet.