Can I connect Arc direct to Blue Ray player?

  • 2 January 2022
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Can I connect Sonos Arc direct to HDMI input from blue-ray player. If a Blue-ray player has 2 HDMI sockets can I plug one to TV and the other (audio output) to Sonos Arc? My TV doesn't have eARC so this would be the only way to get Atmos sound from my blue-rays. I know that this is not an ideal solution as I would need to swap the HDMI cables to the Arc depending whether I am using the TV or the blue ray as sound source for the Arc. If anyone knows of another solution, please let me know

3 replies

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No, this won’t work. The Arc needs to be connected to a TV with HDMI ARC or eARC.

Consider getting the HDFury Arcana eARC adapter. It will allow your Blu-ray player to bypass your TV and send audio directly to the Arc. I use it with my old TV that only has HDMI ARC and it works great. I can get lossless Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, and multichannel PCM from all of my Blu-ray discs.

Thank you for your advice. I’ve checked out the HDFury Arcana and this looks like the way to go. I’ve just read the ‘Trusted Reviews’ review of the Arcana (awarded it 4.5 stars). They also suggested getting a HDMI switch to use with the Arcana to plug in my other external source - Virgin media box as well as my blue ray player. 

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This ROOFULL HDMI switch works well with the Arcana:

HDFury also recommends using KabelDirekt, Zeskit, or Cable Matters HDMI cables to connect your external media devices to the Arcana.